Training programs in schools and universities offer their students the opportunity to gain important knowledge by completing various tasks. One of the types of such tasks is writing an essay.

What features does the essay genre have, as well as its types and structure and requirements?

The essay as a type of written work is included in the curricula of all schools and colleges, taking into account modern socio-cultural conditions and the speed of cultural development. The task of writing an essay contributes to the revitalization of learning and cognitive activity of students, increasing interest in the academic subject, as well as personal development, critical thinking and creativity. An essay is an independent creative written work, the distinctive features of which are: the personal nature of perception of the problem and its comprehension, small volume, free composition, ease and emotionality of presentation. As a genre, the essay is present in the curriculum of all schools and other educational institutions in two meaningful lines: speech and language. State knowledge requirements for students of schools or colleges: to be able to distinguish the characteristic features of an essay and create an essay under the guidance of a teacher. There are many types of essays. Therefore, if you are interested in how to write an essay about a poem, first you need to familiarize yourself with all the subtleties of writing an essay, as well as their types.

A free essay is characterized by a free form and style of presentation.

This is a small volume – 7-10 sentences, an arbitrary structure and a clearly defined author’s position. In a formal essay, as a rule, a clear structure of the text should be maintained. The following components are required: theses of arguments and examples of value judgments, conclusions, and substantiation (argumentation). Types of formal essay: informational essay-story, essay-definition, essay-description, critical essay-study, comparative essay, essay-opposition, essay of cause-effect, as well as essay analysis. The requirements for a formal essay are as follows: volume – one or two pages of text (800-1000 words), the integrity of the work should be respected, each paragraph should contain a basic idea, which should be brief and clear – nothing superfluous, only the information necessary for disclosure ideas of essay and author’s own position.

Knowledge of the structure of the essay will help you write a good essay, and together with the help of professionals this process will be as easy as possible. Such professionals can be found on special sites that provide services for writing and testing of scientific research works of any size.