Writing an essay is one of the most difficult tasks, both at school and at university. Not everyone is given a coherent way of expressing his thoughts, especially when it comes to text-reasoning, where you need to present all the arguments and counterarguments and express your opinion so that everyone can understand.

Many ask the question “how to write an essay with quotes” because the essay with quotations is more interesting and demonstrates the student’s wide knowledge. This can be any essay. For example, sitting down for writing an essay with quotes on history, first of all, decide on the topic. The next stage in the work is the search for information on the topic. Try to learn this in great detail. Perhaps, even if at first this topic did not make you sympathetic, you can come up with a plan for an answer, and at the same time you will stock up with actual material.

Then the information found must be ordered.

Make a plan of considerations, based on the causal relationship between the events, which will be discussed in your essay. Before you start writing an essay, consider also the arguments and counterarguments. Think of them in advance, because later you will not have time. Write them in a column and briefly, in the form of theses, and then, on paper, write these arguments in expanded form. But do not forget: brevity is the sister of talent.

The plan and the list of theses are ready and ideas have already been formed in your head? Now you can get a piece of paper and write. When you take up the main text of the essay, give preference to journalistic style of speech. But it is better to consult with the teacher: perhaps, in your particular case, you need to lean towards the scientific style. The main thing is not to use a conversational style, no matter how much you would like to express yourself easier, as in everyday life.

After you have written an essay, it is very important to ask someone of your friends or relatives to check it.

In this case, an objective assessment is very important. And if you do not have anyone who could check your essay, you can ask for help on special services that are engaged not only in checking written papers, but also provide services for writing scientific research papers of any kind.